Table 5

 The mean range of movement scores and standard deviation—landmark versus CT guided injection

Outcome measurement (max score–degrees*)Week 0 Landmark (n = 40) CT guided (n = 37)Week 1 Landmark (n = 39) CT guided (n = 34)Week 4 Landmark (n = 37) CT guided (n = 35)Week 12 Landmark (n = 36) CT guided (n = 33)
*All scores measured in degrees with the exception of hand behind back scores. This movement is measured on an interval scale where each progression of the thumb up a spinal vertebrae is one unit.
Active abduction (180)
    CT controlled3518.75629.25928.05131.6
Passive abduction (180)
    CT controlled4320.26430.26729.86133.9
Active flexion (180)
    CT controlled49306937.98036.56629.6
Passive flexion (180)
    CT controlled5729.57337.98937.67631.1
Active ext rotation (45)
    CT controlled94.2105.9125.3125.0
Passive ext rotation (45)
    CT controlled135.3146.4165.5165.9
Hand behind back (20)
    CT controlled43.664.274.664.8