Table 2

 Characteristics of two patients with Felty’s syndrome and autoantibodies to GM-CSF and IL3 compared with 30 FS patients without anti-GM-CSF or anti-IL3 antibodies

Anti-GM-CSF negative FS patients (n = 30)Patient 26: anti-GM-CSF+, anti-IL3 +Patient 3: anti-GM-CSF+, anti-IL3+
Serum from patient 26 contained neutralising antibodies to IL3 and non-neutralising antibodies against GM-CSF. Serum from patient 3 contained non-neutralising antibodies against IL3 and GM-CSF. Values for parametrically distributed values (ANC, ALC, haemoglobin, platelets) of the anti-GM/CSF/IL3 antibody negative patients with FS are displayed as means (SEM). Non-parametrically distributed values are displayed as medians (IQR).
FS, Felty’s syndrome; RF, rheumatoid factor; ANC, absolute neutrophil count; ALC, absolute lymphocyte count.
Age (years)62.7 (2.0)5062
Sex (F/M)15:151/00/1
ANC (n/nL)2.17 (0.41)0.291.48
ALC (n/nL)1.00 (0.10)0.94 (0.07)1.36
Platelets (n/nL)12.2 (0.3)110.088
Haemoglobin (g/dL)11.51 (0.65)9.911.2
GM-CSF (pg/mL)2.82 (2.65–3.17)2.644.37
IL3 (pg/mL)9.85 (8.94–11.91)15.311.63
Bone marrow
Left shift6/23
RF positive26/29++