Table 1

Ultrasound and MRI findings in patients with knee enthesitis

NoAgeSexUS findingsMRI findings
Fibrillar echo patternTendon thicknessTendon marginsCalcificationSignal intensityTendon thicknessTendon marginsBone oedema
p, Proximal; D, distal; ↑, increased; +, present; −, absent.
146Preserved↑ PDefined↑ P+DDefined
260Preserved↑ P+DDefined↑ P+DIll-defined
356Preserved↑ PDefined↑ PDefined
455Lost↑ PDefined↑ PDefined++
526Lost↑ PDefined++↑ PIll-defined++
648Lost↑ PIll-defined↑ PIll-defined
771Preserved↑ PDefined↑ PDefined
854Lost↑ PIll-defined↑ PIll-defined
928Lost↑ PIll-defined↑ P+DIll-defined
1048Preserved↑ P+DDefined↑ P+DDefined
1148Lost↑ PDefined↑ P+DDefined
1234Lost↑ P+DIll-defined↑ P+DDefined
1338Lost↑ P+DIll-defined↑ P+DDefined
1434Lost↑ P+DDefined++↑ P+DDefined
1546Preserved↑ P+DDefined↑ PDefined
1638Preserved↑ PDefined↑ PDefined