Table 1

 ICF categories of the component “body functions” included in the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for RA and frequencies showing how often the body function categories were addressed in the AIMS2, HAQ, and SF-36

ICF codeComprehensive ICF Core Set for RAAIMS2HAQSF-36
AIMS, Arthritis Impact Measurement Scales 2; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire disability index; ICF, International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SF-36, Short Form health survey.
b130Energy and drive functionsX
b1300Energy level4
b1304Impulse control1
b134Sleep functionsX1
b152Emotional functionsX177
b1529Emotional functions, unspecified61
b180Experience of self and time functionsX
b1801Body imageX
b2702Sensitivity to pressure
b280Sensation of painX12
b2800Generalised painX
b2801Pain in body partX
b28010Pain in head and neckX
b28013Pain in backX
b28014Pain in upper limbX
b28014Pain in upper limb
b28015Pain in lower limbX
b28015Pain in lower limb
b28016Pain in jointsX5
b430Haematological system functionsX
b455Exercise tolerance functionsX
b510Ingestion functionsX
b640Sexual functionsX
b710Mobility of joint functionsX
b7102Mobility of joints generalisedX
b715Stability of joint functionsX
b730Muscle power functionsX
b740Muscle endurance functionsX
b770Gait pattern functionsX
b780Sensations related to muscles and movement functionsX
b7800Sensation of muscle stiffnessX1