Table 4

SF-36 scores for patient groups from various different studies

*Estimated from figure in original paper.
BP, bodily pain; GH, general health; MH, mental health; PF, physical functioning; RE, role limitation because of emotional health; RP, role limitation because of physical health; SF, social functioning; SF-36, Medical Outcomes Study short form 36 item health status survey; VT, vitality.
Osteoarthritis of knee
DMC3 study, self reported54767.661.062.760.158.875.780.472.0
Australian, self reported725874.463.361.255.256.582.088.279.0
Knee replacement patients2410921.011.835.256.440.951.242.067.6
Rheuma clinic patients2411227.912.432.745.437.753.141.063.2
Rehabilition sample823238.422.428.
Rheumatoid arthritis
DMC3 study, self reported15662.349.
Australian, self reported712072.765.458.658.652.778.583.476.3
Clinical sample142333125374439545969
Clinical sample134345.333.757.154.242.775.652.872.3
Clinical sample11*842418274332523558
Registered population1210305231444442675670
Registered population10103047.327.