Table 4

 Summary of imaging and clinical findings before and after treatment

Patient NoInitial imaging findingsDisease activity at diagnosis*Follow up imaging findingsDisease activity at follow up*
* MRA, magnetic resonance angiography; NP, not performed.
*Kerr et al criteria3; †0 = no increased uptake, 1, mildly increased uptake, 2, moderately increased uptake, 3, greatly increased uptake.
1Occluded vessels↑ Uptake (2)*NPActiveFurther occlusion↑ Uptake (2)*NPActive
2Stenotic vessels↑ Uptake (3)Stenotic vesselActive*NPNormal (0)No progressionRemission
3Stenotic vessels↑ Uptake (2)Thickened vesselsActive*NPNormal (0)Resolution wall thickeningRemission
4*NPNormal (0)Occluded vesselsActive*NPNormal (0)No progressionRemission
5Occluded vessels↑ Uptake (3)Occluded vesselsActive*NP↓ Uptake (1)No progressionRemission
6Stenotic vessels↑ Uptake (1)Stenotic vesselsActive*NPNormal (0)No progressionRemission