Table 3

Assessment of satisfaction on five 100 mm visual analogue scales by patients treated by rheumatologists randomised to four groups of intervention for osteoarthritis of the knee or hip

MeasurementsRheumatologist intervention groups
ST (n = 556)EX (n = 499)ST+EX (n = 476)UC (n = 556)
*Scale running from “greatly lower than expected” (0) to “greatly higher than expected” (100).
†Scale running from “not at all” (0) to “yes, completely” (100).
Results are expressed as mean (SD), with SD corrected with the inflation coefficient Embedded Image is the mean size of cluster (2.7) and ρ is the intra-class correlation coefficient equalling 0.062, 0.205, 0.203, 0.381, and 0.239 for questions 1 to 5, respectively.
ST, standardised tools; EX, exercise; UC, usual care; VAS, visual analogue scale.
According to your expectation, the quality of care was:*68.0 (24.0)67.9 (25.5)69.1 (24.6)66.6 (25.1)
Your pain was taken into account:†84.9 (16.8)85.4 (17.0)85.3 (17.7)85.7 (17.4)
Your disabilities during daily living activities was taken into account:†84.1 (17.5)85.3 (17.5)85.3 (17.0)85.3 (17.1)
Have you received counselling about muscular strengthening†72.0 (36.8)87.1 (18.2)86.3 (20.2)72.8 (36.9)
According to you, your physician has done his best to preserve your muscular function and physical activities despite your osteoarthritis:†75.9 (28.2)84.5 (21.0)85.0 (19.5)75.6 (29.7)