Table 2

Assessment of pain and disability, and global assessment of disease (crude differences from baseline) by patients with osteoarthritis of the knee or hip treated by rheumatologists randomised to four groups according to intervention

Patient assessmentRheumatologist intervention groups
ST (n = 782)EX (n = 735)ST+EX (n = 680)UC (n = 760)
Results are mean (SD), with SD corrected with the inflation coefficient Embedded Image is the mean size of the cluster (3.4) and ρ is the intra-class correlation coefficient equalling 0.108 for pain, 0.125 for WOMAC, and 0.121 for global assessment.
ST, standardised tools; EX, exercise; UC, usual care; VAS, visual analogue scale.
Pain (100 mm VAS)−17.6 (27.2)−19.7 (28.7)−14.5 (26.5)−19.1 (28.8)
WOMAC function subscale (0–100)−10.8 (19.0)−12.4 (19.2)−10.1 (19.0)−11.1 (20.2)
Global assessment of disease status (100 mm VAS)−16.5 (30.3)−19.0 (30.3)−14.5 (29.1)−18.0 (30.9)