Table 1

Controlled trials of IA steroids in OA: symptomatic effect

AuthorInterventionNoDesignDuration (weeks)Efficacy
HC, hydrocortisone; HC.TBA, hydrocortisone tertiary butylacetate; TH, triamcinolone hexacetonide; MP, methylprednisolone; PCB, placebo.
Miller 19586HC 50 mg v PCB or novocaine or lactic acid or feigned injection202Parallel24Equal at weeks 6 and 24
Wright 19607HC 25 mg v PCB or HC.TBA25Crossover4Week 2: HC = PCB, HC.TBA>PCB; week 4: all equal
Cederlof 19668Prednisolone 25 mg v PCB44Parallel8Equal at weeks 1, 3, 8
Friedman 19809TH 20 mg v PCB34Parallel8TH>PCB at week 1 only
Dieppe 198010TH 20 mg v PCB12+16Parallel/cross-over6 and 2TH>PCB at 2 weeks only
Valtonen 198111TH 20 mg v betamethasone 6 mg42Parallel24TH>betamethasone
Sambrook 198912MP 80 mg v 80 mg peripatellar38Parallel12Equal
Gaffney 199513TH 20 mg v PCB84Parallel6TH>PCB at week 1 only
Jones 199614MP 40 mg v PCB59Crossover8MP>PCB at 3 weeks only
Ravaud 199915Cortivazol 3.75 mg v PCB, lavage or lavage+cortivazol98Parallel, 2×2 factorial24Cortivazol>PCB at week 4 only
Raynauld 200316TH 40 mg v PCB: repeated injections every 3 months for 2 years68Parallel96Trend towards greater symptom improvement at 1 year, for the WOMAC pain subscale, night pain, and range of motion