Table 2

Baseline characteristics of patients with hip or knee OA (n = 358)

CharacteristicsPatients with analysable follow up (n = 128)Excluded at baseline (n = 150)All drop out patients (n = 80)Patients dropping out owing to joint replacement (n = 48)
SD, standard deviation; PCS, physical component scale; MCS, mental component scale from SF-36.
*Significant differences between patients with analysable follow up and one of the other groups, p<0.05.
Mean age (years), mean (SD)63.9 (9.6)68.8 (11.4)65.0 (11.3)64.9 (9.8)
Female (%)66.470.068.779.2*
Male (%)33.630.031.320.8*
OA joint
    Knee (%)65.637.5*33.3*
    Hip (%)34.462.5*67.7*
Medication at baseline
    NSAID (%)60.261.366.7
    Analgesic (%)
    NSAID and analgesic (%)
    Chondroitin sulphate (%)
WOMAC pain4.494.954.91
WOMAC stiffness4.555.12*4.74
WOMAC function4.305.29*5.08
SF-36 PCS30.328.429.1
SF-36 MCS49.346.448.2