Table 2

 Radiological data (van der Heijde modification of Sharp method)

012p Value (Wilcoxon 0–2)
Values are median (range).
FWP, F W Poon (radiologist), chronological scoring; JH, J A Hunter (rheumatologist), random scoring.
(A) Total scores (FWP) (narrowing+erosions hands and feet), chronological reading of films
Active prednisolone81317p<0.001
(0 to 80)(0 to 82)(0 to 91)
Placebo prednisolone61011p<0.001
(0 to 80)(0 to 108)(0 to 143)
(B) Total scores (JH) (narrowing+erosions hands and feet), random reading of films
Active prednisolone486467p<0.001
(8 to 159)(9 to 174)(12 to 173)
Placebo prednisolone475962p<0.001
(11 to 135)(8 to 213)(10 to 283)