Table 5

Stepwise logistic regression analysis of predictive factors of persistent remission (DAS <1.6 at the three year and five year evaluations)

CoefficientSEOR (95% CI)p Value
*Initial Sharp score was entered as categorical variable (0, low, 1, high).
CI, confidence interval; DAS, disease activity score; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; OR, odds ratio.
With DAS
DAS < (1.7–17.8)<0.0001
Initial Sharp score <4* (0.9–8.1)0.02
C reactive protein <14.5 mg/l0.90.52.5 (0.8–7.4)0.09
Without DAS
C reactive protein <14.5 mg/l1.140.53.1 (1.0–9.0)0.004
Ritchie score < (1.4–12.8)0.012
Initial Sharp score <4* (0.9–8.0)0.05