Table 3

Frequency of antithyroid antibodies and autoimmune thyroiditis in association with primary Sjögren’s syndrome: summary of previous publications and a comparison of their results with our findings

CountrynTPO (%)TG (%)Both (%)Total (%)AIT (%)Criteria
*p<0.05, **p<0.01: results of current study v those of previous studies.
†Controlled studies.
AIT, autoimmune thyroiditis; CS, current study; ECSG, European Community Study Group; NA, not available; TG, thyroglobulin; TPO, thyroid peroxidase.
USA12410 (42)**5 (21)5 (21)10 (42)**13 (54)**NA
Italy28NANANA6 (75)**2 (25)*NA
UK310040 (40)**NANA40 (40)**14 (14)Fox’s criteria
France426NA26 (100)**NA26 (100)**8 (31)**Fox’s criteria
Sweden52810 (36)**10 (36)**10 (36)**10 (36)**5 (18)*Copenhagen18
UK64214 (33)**6 (14)NANANAFox’s criteria
Mexico73315 (45)**6 (18)NA16 (48)**11 (33)*NA
UK87417 (23)*NANANANAFox’s criteria
Italy911921 (18)16 (13)NA22 (19)16 (13)ECSG
Spain1016025 (16)20 (13)NANA32 (20)**ECSG
Turkey (CS)†535 (9)5 (9)4 (8)6 (11)2 (4)ECSG