Table 4

Occupational physicians’ (OPs) satisfaction with the vocational rehabilitation programme (n = 28)

QuestionOPs agreeing with statement (n (%))
The OP was satisfied with information concerning:
    The programme in general22 (79%)
    The goals of the programme19 (68%)
    The methods of the programme17 (61%)
    The role of the OP in relation to the programme10 (36%)
The OP received the final report23/28 (82%)
The OP read the final report22/23 (96%)
The OP was familiar with patients’ problems22/28 (79%)
There was sufficient information concerning:
    Disease and prognosis16 (57%)
        Helpful in guidance 12/16 (75%)
    Working situation, and working problem11 (39%)
        Helpful in guidance 4/11 (36%)
    Psychosocial problems12 (43%)
        Helpful in guidance 5/12 (42%)
The advice given was clearly formulated16 (57%)
Measures were taken to keep patient at work22 (79%)
There was a relation between the measures taken and the team’s advice13 (46%)
There was a positive effect of the measures taken on the work situation20 (71%)
There was a change in job description12 (43%)
The patient was still working18 (64%)
The OP felt involved in the programme7 (25%)
The OP would have wanted to attended the team meetings16 (57%)
It was a good initiative to start a vocational rehabilitation programme27 (96%)