Table 1

 Distribution of fat at entheses as seen in histological sections

EnthesisEpitenon fatEndotenon fatInsertional angle fatMeniscoid fat
Upper limb
Triceps insertion*
Coracoid attachment of coracoclavicular ligament**
Origin of short head of biceps/coracobrachialis*
Subscapularis insertion*
Extensor pollicis longus insertion**
Flexor digitorum profundus insertion*
Flexor carpi ulnaris insertion*
Abductor pollicis brevis insertion*
Epicondylar attachment of the medial collateral ligament of the elbow/common flexor origin*
Extensor carpi ulnaris insertion*
Lower limb
Anterior cruciate ligament (tibial attachment)**
Anterior cruciate ligament (femoral attachment)**
Posterior cruciate ligament (tibial attachment)*
Adductor longus origin**
Sartorius origin**
Extensor hallucis longus insertion**
Flexor hallucis longus insertion**
Gluteus medius insertion**
Gluteus minimus insertion*
Pes anserinus insertion*
Biceps femoris insertion**
Iliopsoas insertion*
Fibularis brevis insertion***
Fibularis longus insertion***
Popliteus insertion**
Tibialis anterior insertion***
Patellar tendon origin**
Patellar tendon insertion**
Quadriceps tendon insertion**