Table 5

Univariate associations of categorical variables with the purchase of complementary medicines in the entire osteoarthritis study group

Categorical variablesβ statisticSEp valueOdds ratio95% CI
CI, confidence interval.
Analgesic use−1.5240.350<0.0010.220.11 to 0.43
Sex (female)0.7460.2280.0012.111.35 to 3.30*
Education (higher)0.2130.2230.381.240.80 to 1.92
Comorbidities−0.380.2370.100.740.46 to 1.17
Pension0.2490.2230.271.280.83 to 1.99
Employment−0.4680.3020.120.630.35 to 1.14
Planned surgery for osteoarthritis (worse disease)0.637−0.4510.0800.640.39 to 1.05