Table 1

Characteristics of the included studies (n = 14)

ReferenceDefinition used in studyStudy groupQualification of observersRadiographPrevalence (%)Number of observersNumber of readings
SettingSizeMale (%)Age
*Study group includes patients with hip pain who consulted the general practitioner.
NA, not applicable; NP, not provided; AP, anteroposterior radiograph; IQR interquartile range.
Altman (1991)10ACRRheumatological setting22763.761 (mean)Musculoskeletal radiologistAPNA
Antoniades (2000)22Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)St Thomas’ UK twin register1148053 (median)(range 40–70)TrainedPelvic AP (supine)8 (⩾2)12
5 (⩾3)
8 (⩽2.5 mm)
Bellamy (1999)23ACRAustralian twin register15928.958.79 (mean)RheumatologistAPNP31
Bierma-Zeinstra (1999)12Kellgren and Lawrence JSNGeneral practice2272766 (mean)(SD 9.6)Radiologist and 1 trainedPelvic AP and axial (frog-leg position)NA*21
Birrell (2001)20Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)General practice19532.363 (median)(IQR 54–71)NPPelvic APNA*22
Croft (1990)8Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)Intravenous urogram131510060–75 (range)TrainedIntravenous urogram24.3 (⩾2)22
11.0 (⩾3)
14.4 (⩽2.5)
2.0 (⩽1.5)
Hirsch (1998)5Kellgren and Lawrence MJS (Croft)Population based75537.958.3 (mean)TrainedPelvic AP3.6 10.8 (<2.5)22
Ingvarsson (2000)19Kellgren and Lawrence MJS (Croft)Colon radiographs150142.5Not givenNPColon AP (supine)9.2 10.0 (⩽2.5)32
Kellgren (1957)7Kellgren and LawrencePopulation based85NP55–64 (range)TrainedNPNP22
Lane (1993)13Index according to LaneStudy of osteoporotic fractures31070 (median)(range 65–86)TrainedPelvic AP55.5 (right hip ⩾2)32
36.1 (left hip ⩾2)
MacGregor21 (2000)21Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)St Thomas UK adult twin register824057.4 (mean)(range 50–72)TrainedPelvic AP (supine)16.3 (⩾1)12
11.7 (⩾2)
Nevitt (1995)14Index according to LaneStudy of osteoporotic fractures4090071.1 (mean)(SD 4.9)TrainedPelvic AP7.1 (⩾2)31
4.7 (⩾3)
Smith (1995)27Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)Intravenous urogram203060–75 (range)NPIntravenous urogramNP22
Sun (1997)4Kellgren and LawrenceSystematic review
Croft’s grade MJS (Croft)