Table 3

CK18 IgG antibody levels in patients with or without IHD stratified by family history of IHD

Family historyIHD positiveIHD negative
Results are expressed as the means (SD). Data were analysed by Kruskal-Wallis analysis of variance for non-parametric data.
*Patients with IHD and a positive family history had significantly higher levels of CK18 IgG antibodies than patients without IHD and a negative family history (p = 0.015, Kruskal-Wallis multiple comparison Z value test).
Positive53.7 (40.1) (n = 22)*41.8 (27.0) (n = 12)
Negative43.6 (26.7) (n = 12)29.0 (15.2) (n = 16)