Table 3

In the group with no radiographic changes at baseline, less endurance in one-leg rise from sitting was a significant predictor of developing incident knee osteoarthritis (OA) 5 years later, controlled for one confounder at a time using logistic regression analyses. Variables dichotomised by the median value

Predictorn*OR (95% CI)§
*Number of patients included in each analysis; †bivariate analysis. Only one predictor at a time was included in the logistic regression together with maximum number of one-leg rises, because of the rather small samples; ‡maximum number of one-leg rises, controlled for age, sex, body mass index, and pain in multivariate logistic regression; §odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval (CI) for the maximum number of one-leg rises (less than v greater than the median).
Age†902.48 (1.04 to 5.89)
Sex†902.50 (1.05 to 5.95)
Body mass index†882.78 (1.16 to 6.67)
Pain (VAS) baseline†722.79 (1.02 to 7.68)
All above‡702.67 (0.92 to 7.76)