Table 1

Group characteristics for the total study cohort and the two subgroups with (a) no radiographic signs of osteoarthritis at baseline (no OA) and (b) prevalent OA at baseline (OA)

Groupn*Age† (years)Female No (%)BMI§ (kg/m2)Progression¶ No (%)Kellgren and Lawrence grade 0/1/2/3/4 (n)
BaselineFollow up
*Number of patients included; †age at baseline, median (range); ‡number (%) women of total selection; §body mass index at baseline, median (range); ¶number (%) of patients with progression of radiographic changes at follow up (Kellgren and Lawrence ⩾1 grade).
All14845 (35–54)62 (42)25.3 (18.3–37.5)70 (47)
No OA9445 (35–54)39 (41)25.3 (18.3–37.0)41 (44)94/0/0/0/053/33/4/3/1
OA5445.5 (35–54)23 (43)25.6 (20.2–37.5)29 (54)0/36/9/9/08/13/12/12/9