Table 1

Affinity for circular pUC18 dsDNA does not correlate with affinity for dsDNA oligonucleotides, but with antibody binding to Crithidia luciliae DNA

Serum IgGCLIFT titreSolid phase ligands
SPADE titres*ssDNA oligodsDNA oligopUC18
pUC18H dsDNAka/kd†Kd (SD)ka/kd†Kd (SD)ka/kd†Kd (SD)
*Relative titres of anti-dsDNA antibodies determined by solution phase anti-DNA ELISA; †see “Materials and methods” for calculations; ‡see “Materials and methods” for methodological details and calculations. No binding (NB) is here defined as complete lack of mass increase (as response units (RU)) when loading an antibody to a Biacore chip conjugated with a DNA molecule (see fig 3D for a typical example). That is, the affinity of such antibodies was below a minimum measurable threshold for DNA at the highest antibody concentration tested; §not calculated.
68<10<202001.2×1092.4 (4.3)×10−93.0×1085.3 (4.7)×10−8NB‡NB
75<10<201731.5×1091.8 (0.7)×10−94.2×1092 (2.3)×10−9NBNB
135<10<202211.9×1092.7 (1.7)×10−91.3×1093.1 (2.3)×10−9NBNB
1441601053184.1×1084.6 (3.8)×10−98.6×1081.7 (2.8)×10−83.0×1071.4 (1.1)×10−8
148804024710.0×1085.6 (4.2)×10−94.8×1084.8 (2.7)×10−94.0×107§
160640NDND1.6×1092.4 (1.9)×10−91.1×1082.2 (1.1)×10−81.8×1092.8 (2.5)×10−9