Table 4

Costs and utilities at different levels of functional impairment

Costs and utilities by levels of functional disability by HAQ
*See Kobelt et al.1,2
Number of patients821303621
Mean HAQ score0.380.901.341.832.35
Mean DAS285.455.446.056.116.08
Mean utilities0.6800.4550.2990.1740.063
Mean costs (€)435019200205503625040850
12 Months
Number of patients2924331614
Mean HAQ score0.190.881.311.812.33
Mean DAS282.483.613.493.634.66
Mean utilities0.8290.6860.6340.5760.270
Mean costs (€)1914038800481004950044000
Epidemiological cohort, Lund*
Mean utilities0.7170.6360.6110.4220.235