Table 3

Cost per QALY gained with one year treatment (€)

NoIncremental cost (€)*QALY gain*Cost/QALY (€)
1€ = 9.05 SEK.
*Incremental costs and QALY gains are calculated compared with baseline, assuming that without TNF inhibitor treatment patients would remain at the baseline level throughout the year; †base case assumption for QALY gain: improvement of utility after three months.
Direct costs only116124550.2844500
Base case†116121840.2843500
Improvement linear116121840.1964100
Improvement after 6 weeks116121840.3336900
Drop outs included160107270.253600
Patients with HAQ <0.6 at baseline8141310.11†128500
Patients with HAQ 0.6<1.1 at baseline21111310.18†61800
Patients with HAQ 1.1<1.6 at baseline30152410.25†61000
Patients with HAQ 1.6<2.1 at baseline36111760.30†37300
Patients with HAQ ⩾2.1 at baseline2168880.16†43000