Table 2

Mean costs per year (€, 2002) and utilities

Baseline12 Months24 Months
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
1 € = 9.05 SEK.
*Baseline and 12 months’ status for the entire cohort, extrapolated to annual costs. Work capacity is expressed as full time equivalent—that is, full time work represents 100%, part time work actual percentage, and not working 0%; †usage at baseline, extrapolated to costs for the previous year; ‡retrospective data, previous year; §mean number of visits of the Lund cohort; ¶including visits for administration of infliximab; **use during study year.
Utility0.28 (0.33)0.65 (0.23)N/A
Work capacity, full sample (%)*2728N/A
Work capacity, patients <65 (%)3133N/A
Sick leave (days)1.6 (5.0)1.1 (2.6)N/A
Indirect cost*21880 (17030)21739 (18110)N/A
Total cost cortisone97 (95)†44 (52)34 (44)
Total cost NSAID117 (81)†89 (87)87 (87)
Total cost analgesics63 (51)†51 (49)54 (50)
Total cost DMARD289 (734)†109 (387)98 (343)
Total cost hospital3823 (7179)‡1963 (3839)N/A
Total cost surgery569 (989)‡356 (675)N/A
Outpatient visits§367568¶N/A
Acute care visits§246143
Total cost anti-TNF treatment14704 (3065)**16202 (3584)
Total costs27447 (20933)39630 (20829)N/A