Table 2

Pharmacokinetic parameters of BIIL 315 and BIIL 304 after once daily oral administration of (A) 25 mg (n = 7) and (B) 150 mg (n = 9) BIIL 284 for 14 days

ParameterBIIL 315BIIL 304
gMeangCV (%)gMeangCV (%)
All data were rounded to three significant digits; tmax and tmax,ss are given as median or ranges; * tmax,ss = 4 hours relative to drug intake at day 14; AUC0–6 h,ss = AUC 311.5–318 h,ss; NC = not calculated.
(A) Dose 25 mg
Cmax (ng/ml)
Tmax (h)4.004.00––6.00*
AUC0-6h (ng.h/ml)31.949.92.8044.2
Cmax,ss (ng/ml)14.353.61.2877.6
tmax,ss (h)316*314–318316*316–318*
AUC0–6 h,ss (ng.h/ml)44.975.93.1770.8
Cpre,ss (ng/ml)0.506108NCNC
(B) Dose 150 mg
Cmax (ng/ml)42.61203.00156
Tmax (h)4.001.50––6.00
AUC0–6 h (ng.h/ml)14412012.787.4
Cmax,ss (ng/ml)62.51444.34172
tmax,ss (h)316*314–318316*314–318
AUC0–6 h,ss (ng·h/ml)21113118.0103
Cpre,ss (ng/ml)2.4484.90.21342.9