Table 4

 Treatment discontinuation according to JIA subgroup and reason for discontinuation*

JIA onset subtypeNumber stopped/treatedReasons for termination
InefficacyAdverse eventsRemissionOther reasons†
*Including patients with non-JIA diagnoses.
†Non-compliance (n = 3), change in diagnosis (n = 2).
‡In one child with oligoarticular JIA a severe flare up of uveitis occurred during a phase of long term remission of the articular symptoms.
JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
Systemic onset JIA17/66 (26%)1421
Seronegative polyarthritic JIA12/94 (13%)4152
Seropositive polyarthritic JIA3/39 (8%)111
Oligoarticular JIA‡9/64 (14%)333
Enthesitis/arthritis5/26 (19%)131
Psoriasis/arthritis4/17 (24%)112
Unclassified JIA3/16 (19%)21
Others4/12 (33%)22
Total57/334 (17%)27*1114*5