Table 4

Toxicities demonstrated in 16 patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with infliximab

Toxicities (number of patients)Details (number of patients)
Infections (6)Pneumonia (2), septic arthritis (1), surgical site abscess (1), perichondritis (1), epididymitis (1)
Hepatic (4)Transaminases >1.5×normal (4), concomitant MTX treatment (2)
GI–other than hepatic (3)Lower gastrointestinal bleeding (2)
Diarrhoea (2)
Allergic (3)Urticaria (3), respiratory symptoms (2)
Haematological (1)Thrombocytopenia (platelets 102×109/l)
Serological (9)ANA seroconversion (8/12 seronegative at onset)
Anti-dsDNA seroconversion (6)
ANA and dsDNA seroconversion (5)
No clinical evidence of a connective tissue disease was seen
Other (1)Hydrocele