Table 2

 Clinical characteristics of female patients with RA with and without hand bone density measured. Mean (SD) for continuous variables; percentage for counts

CharacteristicsHand bone density (n = 135)No hand bone density (n = 15)p Value
The denominator varies from 135 and/or 15 as some values are missing.
HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; BMD, bone mineral density.
HAQ (score 0–3)1.47 (0.70)1.96 (0.64)0.01
Deformed joint count (18 joints)6.6 (5.4)10.7 (6.0)0.01
Total hand Larsen score (0–120)37.4 (28.5)70.3 (36.7)<0.001
BMD (g/cm2)
    Femoral neck0.843 (0.153)0.700 (0.181)0.002
    Spine L2–41.134 (0.221)1.000 (0.168)0.03
Fractures after diagnosis of RA13.446.70.001