Table 1

 Patient characteristics of the 135 female patients with RA. Mean (SD) for continuous variables; percentage for counts

*The denominator varies from 135 as some values were missing.
VAS, visual analogue scale; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; DAS, disease activity score; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; DMARDs, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs; DXR, digital hand x ray radiogrammetry; DXA, dual x ray absorptiometry.
Demographic variables
Age (years)60.8 (5.8)
Body mass index (kg/cm2)25.7 (4.8)
Current smoker32.8
Menopause age (years)46.7 (6.2)
Disease variables
Disease duration (years)17.3 (10.7)
Rheumatoid factor positive60.7
Investigator global assessment score (VAS 0–100 mm)32.9 (17.8)
HAQ (score 0–3)1.47 (0.70)
Pain (VAS 0–100 mm)40.1 (23.0)
Swollen joint count (28 joints)8.0 (4.7)
Tender joint count (28 joints)8.5 (6.6)
DAS284.9 (1.2)
Mean ESR past 12 months (mm/1st h)25.0 (17.6)
Joint damage variables
Deformed joint count (18 joints)6.6 (5.4)
Total hand Larsen score (0–120)37.4 (28.5)
Current use of DMARDs70.4
Current use of antiresorptive drugs40.7
    Current use37.3
    Cumulative dose past 12 months (g)1.65 (1.82)
Bone mineral density (g/cm2)
DXR hand0.448 (0.083)
DXA femoral neck0.843 (0.153)
DXA spine L2–41.134 (0.221)
Vertebral deformity ⩾ grade 112.6
Non-vertebral fractures13.4