Table 1

Demographic features of 16 patients with psoriatic arthritis at baseline

CharacteristicMean (SD) or number
*Damage defined as either joint ankylosis, flail joint, prior surgery, or ⩾20% reduction in range of movement not related to inflammation; †defined as radiological evidence of joint ankylosis, flail joint, or total joint disorganisation scoring 4 on the modified Steinbrocker’s scale.
Sex (M/F)12/4
Age (years)48.3 (11.7)
Disease duration (years)13.8 (9.3)
DMARD exposure3.5 drugs per patient
Current DMARDsMethotrexate (10), methotrexate and azathioprine (1), chloroquine (1), none (4)
Active joint count (total counted 68)22.5 (11.2)
Swollen joint count (total counted 66)9.1 (5.3)
Clinically damaged joints* (total counted 68)11.4 (15.7)
Radiological damage using Steinbrocker’s score (total counted 42)11.3 (14.5)
Spondyloarthritis (n = 15)
    Classical syndesmophytes1
Arthritis mutilans† (n = 15)
    1–4 joints0
    ⩾5 joints5
Enthesitis (calcaneal/Achilles)
    Radiological (n = 15)6
PASI4.5 (4.9)