Table 3

 Genes down regulated more than threefold in early RA

CategoryGene identifierChromosome locationDescription
Immune/inflammatoryCCR13p21.31Chemokine receptor (c-c motif)
PTGES9q34.11Prostaglandin E synthase
LMAN118q21.3–22Mannose binding lectin 1
NSEP11p34Nuclease sensitive element binding protein
FKPB1A20p13FK506 binding protein 1A
IFI3019p13.1IFNγ inducible protein 30
HLA-DP1A6p21.3MHC class II DP α1
B2M15q21–22.2β2-Microglobulin; MHC class I
FYB5p14.1FYN binding protein; T cell signalling
HLA-DR4A6p21.3MHC class II DRα
Cancer/neoplasiaSATXp22.1Spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase; carcinogenesis
RAB73q22.1RAS oncogene family
SSX3Xp11.2-11.1Synovial sarcoma breakpoint 3
LAMR13p21.3Laminin receptor expressed in colon carcinoma
M17S217q21.31Ovarian carcinoma antigen (CA-125)
PTPRA20p13Protein tyrosine phosphatase; neoplastic transformation
SAS12q13–14Sarcoma amplified sequence
LCP119p13.3l-Plastin; related to colon cancer metastasis
LRP817q11–21.3LIM and SHE protein-1 (LASP-1)
S100A101q21S100 calcium binding protein
Transcription/translation/cell cycleCAP ARPC51p34.2 1q25.3Adenylyl cyclase associated protein Actin related protein subunit 5
ARHGDIB12q12.3Rho GDP dissociation inhibitor
ARPC312q24Actin related protein subunit 3
HIF1A14q21–24Hypoxia inducible factor
CHES114q32.11Checkpoint suppressor 1
Growth factorsSNX25q23Sorting nexin 2; EGF receptor pathway
ZFP36414q22–24EGF response factor 1
LTBP12p21–22Latent TGFβ binding protein 1
MetabolismOAZ12p25Ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 1
CYP2420q13.2–13.3Cytochrome P450 subfamily 24
POR7q11.23P450 cytochrome oxidoreductase
METTL112q13Methyltransferase-like 1
Cartilage/boneCHI3L11q31.1Chitinase 3-like (cartilage glycoprotein-39)
BMP414q22–23Bone morphogenetic protein 4