Table 3

Univariate correlations of flow mediated vasodilatation with selected variables in patients with RA

CRP, C reactive protein; DAS, Disease Activity Score; actual CRP, CRP at the moment of ultrasound examination; average CRP, the average of CRP levels evaluated at different times during the disease (at least four determinations/year); CRP duration, average CRP multiplied by the disease duration in years.
LDL cholesterol−0.45<0.001
HDL cholesterol−0.11NS
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate0.01NS
Actual CRP−0.44<0.001
Average CRP−0.47<0.001
CRP duration−0.48<0.001
Systolic blood pressure0.21NS
Diastolic blood pressure0.12NS
Disease activity score0.24NS
Disease duration−0.29NS