Table 2

Published follow up studies of rheumatological symptoms after Yersinia pseudotuberculosis outbreaks

Tertti et al 1984Tertti et al 1989Present study
NM, data not mentioned in the study
*Data available for 33/39 patients; †NA in one patient.
Serotype of Y pseudotuberculosisO:3O:1aO:3
No of patients in the outbreak/evaluated for ReA19/19 (100%)50/34 (68%)47/38 (81%)
Diagnosis of Y pseudotuberculosis: culture/serology12 Culture5 CultureAll culture confirmed
7 Serology29 Serology
Age, mean (range)23 (5–75)9 (7–15)25 (2–52)
Sex, F/M9/10NM18/15
Patients with ReA
    No (%) of patients with ReA4/19 (21)1/34 (3)4/33* (12)
    Age, mean (range)20 (8–23)1243 (40–47)
    Sex, F/M1/30/12/2
    Distribution of affected joints“Severe synovitis of several joints”Right ankle, right toes, left kneePolyarticular (see table 1 for detail)
    Positive HLA-B273/41/13/3†