Table 4

The association between work related psychosocial factors and psychological distress and pain across four anatomical sites at year 1 of follow up

Exposure*Generalised estimating equations
CategoryTotalOR†95% CI
*At time of recruitment and/or at one year follow up; †odds ratios adjusted for age, sex, and effect of region of pain.
Monotonous work
    Neither year6151.0
    Either or both years1921.71.3 to 2.2
Stressful work
    Neither year5521.0
    Either or both years2631.71.3 to 2.2
Hectic work
    Neither year4261.0
    Either or both years3891.61.3 to 2.1
Seldom learn new things
    Neither year7321.0
    Either or both years841.40.95 to 2.1
Dissatisfied with job
    Neither year7451.0
    Either or both years621.50.98 to 2.2
Dissatisfied with support from colleagues
    Neither year7681.0
    Either or both years431.71.04 to 2.8
GHQ score >0
    Neither year3021.0
    Either or both years5172.11.6 to 2.7