Table 4

Annual time consumption (hours per patient) due to AS for different categories of time loss

Time category% Patients with time lossMean (median) [% of total time] Hours per patient per year
*When patients with a paid job were admitted to hospital or received outpatient health care and had reported at the same time absence from work, the hours sick leave were subtracted from the total time loss.
Visits to healthcare providers819.94 (4.36) [2%]
Attending technical procedures904.97 (3.00) [1%]
Visits to physiotherapy6018.87 (0) [4%]
Attending group exercises5620.43 (0) [4%]
Rest at home71242.96 (72.00) [53%]
Exercise at home63118.23 (29.40) [26%]
Inpatient care939.74 (0) [9%]
Medical patient’s time loss 455.15 (215.43) [100%]
Time loss due to sick leave2755.37 (0)
Total patient’s time lost* 506.44 (278.00)