Table 3

Subgroup analysis of changes in estimators of disease activity, disability, and joint damage in the feedback period

Δ DAS28Δ PainΔ HAQΔ x Ray score
NoMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CIMean95% CI
*p⩽0.05; **p<0.001; ***p<0.0001.
DAS28, disease activity score; HAQ, disability index of the Health Assessment Questionnaire; x Ray, Ratingen x ray score; DA, disease activity.
See “Patients and methods” for subgroup definitions.
Total190−0.3***(−0.5 to −0.2)−0.6**(−1.0 to −0.3)−0.05(−0.11 to 0.01)6.7***(4.6 to 8.8)
Low DA, no use38−0.2(−0.6 to 0.2)−0.2(−0.9 to 0.6)0.05**(−0.09 to 0.20)6.2**(2.8 to 9.7)
Low DA, use64−0.3*(−0.6 to 0.005)−0.3(−0.8 to 0.3)−0.01(−0.10 to 0.08)5.5**(2.4 to 8.6)
High DA, no use30−0.4(−1.0 to 0.2)−1.4*(−2.5 to −0.3)−0.06(−0.21 to 0.07)13.1*(4.7 to 21.4)
High DA, use58−0.4**(−0.7 to −0.1)−0.9*(−1.7 to −0.2)−0.14*(−0.3 to −0.04)5.4*(1.0 to 9.8)