Table 2

Difference between control and feedback period of the course of the RADAI over time

InterceptControl period time effectFeedback period time effectDifference
Noβ095% CIβ(C)95% CIβ(F)95% CIβ(C) – β(F)95% CI
β0 denotes the mean RADAI score at study start. β(C) and β(F) denote the monthly change in RADAI. NS, p>0.05; *p⩽0.05; **p<0.001; ***p<0.0001.
RADAI, rheumatoid arthritis disease activity index; DA, disease activity.
See “Patients and methods” for subgroup definitions.
Total2283.27***(2.91 to 3.63)−0.008 NS(−0.12 to 0.11)−0.067***(−0.095 to −0.039)−0.059 NS(−0.177 to 0.058)
    Low DA, no use452.07***(1.67 to 2.47)−0.033 NS(−0.24 to 0.17)−0.015 NS(−0.057 to 0.026)0.017 NS(−0.18 to 0.22)
    Low DA, use722.08***(1.75 to 2.40)−0.016 NS(−0.25 to 0.22)−0.011 NS(−0.071 to 0.049)0.0054 NS(−0.23 to 0.24)
    High DA, no use414.76***(4.33 to 5.19)−0.003 NS(−0.21 to 0.20)−0.10***(−0.15 to −0.053)−0.097 NS(−0.29 to 0.10)
    High DA, use704.94***(4.59 to 5.30)0.076 NS(−0.15 to 0.30)−0.19***(−0.26 to −0.12)−0.27*(−0.49 to −0.041)