Table 1

Clinical data

Placebo (n=4)†CCR1 antagonist (n=12)†
Measure of activityBefore
mean (SEM)
mean (SEM)
p Value‡Before
mean (SEM)
mean (SEM)
p Value‡
*VAS denotes visual analogue scale, 0 is best and 100 is worst; **HAQ denotes Health Assessment Questionnaire, on this scale 0 is best and 3 is worst; ***on this scale 1 is best and 5 is worst.
†For patients who received intra-articular corticosteroids on day 15 (n=4), the clinical data of day 15 (before corticosteroids) were used instead of the day 18 data.
‡The paired t test was used to determine significant differences within each treatment group. There were no statistical differences in change between the placebo group and the CCR1 antagonist group.
Tender joint count10 (3)7 (2)NS17 (3)12 (3)0.021
Swollen joint count13 (2)10 (2)NS19 (1)14 (2)0.001
Pain (VAS*)8 (2)12 (3)NS17 (2)13 (3)NS
ESR (mm/1st h)26 (11)31 (12)0.04519 (3)22 (4)0.037
Quality of life (HAQ**)1.313 (0.514)1.219 (0.434)NS1.500 (0.210)1.250 (0.205)0.037
Patient assessment of disease activity***3 (0)3 (0)NS3 (0)3 (0)NS
Doctor assessment of disease activity***3 (0)3 (0)NS3 (0)3 (0)NS
Disease activity score (DAS)4.69 (0.54)4.60 (0.47)NS5.58 (0.26)4.87 (0.39)0.012
Subjects responding to ACR20 criteria04