Table 1

Sensitivity and specificity of radiographs of the sacroiliac joints by rheumatologists and radiologists in comparison with a “gold standard”. Results shown as percentages (SD)

Mean (SD)MedianRangeMean (SD)MedianRange
*Statistically significant decrease compared with baseline scores (p=0.001); †statistically significant increase compared with scores after self education (p=0.002); ‡statistically significant improvement compared with baseline scores (p=0.008) (all paired t test).
Differences between rheumatologists and radiologists were not statistically significant at any time.
Sensitivity at baseline80 (18)8131–10084 (22)8825–100
Sensitivity after self education74 (19)*7525–10080 (19)7844–100
Sensitivity after workshop79 (17)†8125–10083 (17)8450–100
Specificity at baseline75 (15)7538–10071 (16)7146–100
Specificity after self education78 (14)‡7929–10070 (18)7338–96
Specificity after workshop76 (13)7938–9680 (16)8550–96