Table 1

 Monitoring disease activity (clinical and laboratory findings) under different treatment courses

Duration of treatment5 Months before anti-TNFα treatmentAfter 4th injection of etanercept3 Months after beginning etanercept
Treatment (daily)
AntiphlogisticDiclofenac 2×50 mg
Methylprednisolone 16 mgMethylprednisolone 4 mg
Colchicine 4–6 mgMethylprednisolone 4 mg
AnalgesicFlupirtine maleate 200 mgColchicine (if necessary)
Fentanyl 50 μg/hFentanyl 20 μg/h
AntihyperuricaemicUrine alkaliser (Blemaren)Urine alkaliser (Blemaren)Urine alkaliser (Blemaren)
Probenecid 2 gProbenecid 3 g
Laboratory findings
ESR (mm/1st h)5566
CRP (mg/l)61.06.1<5.0
WBC (×109/l)
Serum uric acid (μmol/l)580580560
Clinical findings
Gouty attacks per week3–411/month
Number of painful joints1242