Table 1

Delphi technique first turn results: domains, defined from the items proposed by the ASAS members, to consider for DC-ART initiation in patients with AS

Virtual clinical presentationIsolated axial involvementPeripheral arthritisEnthesitis
DomainsNo indication
Global disease activityGlobal disease activityGlobal disease activity
Inflammatory painInflammatory painInflammatory pain
Pain and stiffness
Painful joint, swollen joint, inflammatory joint
Functional impairmentFunctional impairmentFunctional impairment
Mobility, range of motion
Response to NSAIDsResponse to NSAIDsResponse to NSAIDs
Response to local steroid injectionsResponse to local treatment
Response to other treatmentsResponse to DMARDs
Extra-articular manifestationsExtra-articular manifestationsExtra-articular manifestations
Laboratory findingsLaboratory findingsLaboratory findings
x Ray filmsx Ray filmsx Ray films