Table 4

 Clinical and laboratory factors and methotrexate related side effects

Side effectsNo of patientsMean (SD)p Value
No significant difference between patients with or without side effects in folic acid consumption, serum folic acid, plasma homocysteine, or methotrexate dose (t test).
*Data available from only 72 participants.
†Data available from only 77 participants.
Folate supplementation (mg/week)No605.30 (8.44)0.733
Yes335.93 (9.19)
Serum folate (ng/ml)*No459.11 (5.41)0.965
Yes279.05 (6.54)
Plasma homocysteine (μmol/l)†No4913.31 (4.27)0.697
Yes2812.88 (5.07)
Methotrexate dose (mg/week)No6011.91 (3.77)0.800
Yes3311.99 (3.42)