Table 1

Cell sources of human defensins and cathelicidin

PeptideConstitutive expressionInduced by proinflammatory cytokines and endotoxin (LPS)
LPS, Lipopolysaccharide.
α Defensins (HNP1–3)Neutrophil granulesMonocytes15
CD8 T lymphocytes (CTL)9–15
α Defensins (HD5–6)Paneth cell granules
β Defensins (HBD1)KeratinocytesKeratinocytes35
Barrier epithelial cellsMonocytes and dendritic cells36
β Defensins (HBD2–4)Monocytes and dendritic cells36
Barrier epithelial cells14,19
Mast cells37
Cathelicidin (LL-37)Neutrophil granulesKeratinocytes13,15
Barrier epithelial cells13,15
T lymphocytes15
Mast cells38