Table 1

Proposed EScSG disease activity indices for SSc

CriteriaWhole seriesdcSSclcSSc
*Kahaleh total skin score4; †deterioration, as evaluated by the patient, of the condition in the month preceding the assessment.
TTS, total skin score; Tlco, carbon monoxide transfer factor; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate.
TTS* >201.0
Δ Skin†
Digital necrosis0.5
Δ Vascular†
Δ Articular/muscular†1.0
↓ Tlco (<80% of predicted value)0.5
Δ Cardiopulmonary†
ESR >30 mm/1st h1.52.5
Hypocomplementaemia (C3 and/or C4)1.01.0
Total maximum disease activity index10.010.010.0