Table 3

Entheses selected in the reduced Mander enthesis index and the concise enthesis index, listed from head to toe

Reduced Mander enthesis indexConcise enthesis index
1st Costochondral joint left/right1st Costochondral joint left/right
4th Costochondral joint left/right
7th Costochondral joint left/right7th Costochondral joint left/right
Posterior superior iliac spine left/rightPosterior superior iliac spine left/right
Anterior superior iliac spine left/rightAnterior superior iliac spine left/right
Iliac crest left/rightIliac crest left/right
1st Thoracic spinous process
4th Lumbar spinous process
5th Lumbar spinous process5th Lumbar spinous process
9th Thoracic spinous process
Proximal insertion of Achilles tendon left/rightProximal insertion of Achilles tendon left/right