Table 2

Most frequently scored enthesis points at baseline, at one year follow up, and at two year follow up in order of detection during the data reduction process

BaselineOne year follow upTwo year follow up
MEI, Mander enthesis index.
*Included in reduced Mander enthesis index; †included in Maastricht Ankylosing Spondylitis Enthesis Score.
Proximal insertion of Achilles tendon left*Posterior superior iliac spine left*†5th Lumbar spinous process*†
Iliac crest left*†7th Costochondral joint right*†7th Costochondral joint right*†
5th Lumbar spinous process*†1st Costochondral joint right*†Posterior superior iliac spine left*†
7th Costochondral joint left*†Proximal insertion of Achilles
tendon left*
4th Costochondral joint left*
1st Thoracic spinous process*4th Lumbar spinous process*Anterior superior iliac spine right†
9th Thoracic spinous process*
76% of patients with MEI >0 detected79% of patients with MEI >0 detected83% of patients with MEI >0 detected