Table 1

Clinical data and follow up in the patients treated. The visual acuity of the inflamed eye (right eye (od), left eye (os) or if both eyes had the same VA ou are listed)

Infusions at weekRe-treatment at weekTreatment at baselineTreatment after infliximabDiagnosisVA at baselineVA after treatmentFollow up (weeks)Duration of flare (days)Flare up (month)
*In the patient with TINU syndrome no remission was achieved.
0None32.5 mg/day prednisone+20 mg MTX15 mg MTXHLA-B2720/10020/307075
0/2/626/28/3212.5 mg MTX12.5 mg MTXHLA-B2720/4015/208226
0/2/6None17.5 mg/day prednisone +15 mg MTX12.5 mg MTXHLA-B2720/2515/207855
0/2/6None20 mg MTX+2 g CellCept+steroid drops20 mg MTX+2 g CellCeptHLA-B2720/12520/60842
0/2/6None17.5 mg MTX15 mg MTXHLA-B2720/2020/204876
0/2/618/22/28/3310 mg MTX+2 g CellCept+steroid drops12.5 mg MTXJIA20/25 ou20/25 ou36351
0/2/620/28Cyclophosphamide+prednisone 25 mg/dayPrednisone 12.5 mg/dayScleritis20/200 od, CF os20/60 od, CF os3090
0/2/61010 mg/day prednisone+15 mg MTX10 mg/day Prednisone+15 mg MTXTINU20/200 od, CF os20/200 od, CF os22*