Table 2

Annual primary THR rates/105 inhabitants: national health authorities data

1985 or the next later year1990 or the next later year1995 or the next later year1998ProcedureData source
a) The classification of surgical procedures has changed in 1988 and 1996.
b) OPCS4: W371, W381, W391.
c) All patients admitted to NHS hospitals, including private patients treated in NHS hospitals.
d) W795, W436–W440, W451.
e) International classification of procedures, WHO, 1978, 58150–58153, 5815A,B,D–F.
f) ICD-9-CM: 81.51(total hip replacement).
g) Coded as total hip replacement.
h) ICD-9: 8410+8414, ICD-10; NFB2+NFB3+NFB4.
Australia6173Primary THRPublic and most private hospitals
Denmark707490Primary THR a)National register
England556871Primary THR b)Public hospitals c)
Finland44668893Primary THRNational register
France135Primary THR d)Public and private hospitals
Hungary5170*THR e)All hospitals
Iceland62667990*Primary THR for OARecords of all orthopaedic clinics
Ireland7263Primary THR f)Public hospitals
Norway95114117121Primary THRNational register
Scotland477481Primary THR b)Public hospitals
Singapore68THR g)All hospitals
Sweden106102108118Primary THR h)National register
United States5153†Primary THR f)Non-federal hospitals
Wales7869Primary THR b)Public hospitals