Table 1

Annual primary THR rates/105 inhabitants: scientific literature data

CountryPeriodAnnual primary THR rate (per 105)Done for OAData sourceReference
a) Data source: Havelin et al, 1993.30
b) Data source: Hospital Episode System (all patients admitted to hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS), including private patients treated in NHS hospitals).
c) Data for 1989.18
d) 84% of all elective THRs done for OA in six districts of the Oxford region.31
e) Data from a registry pilot study of 260 patients undergoing a primary THR or a primary total knee replacement.
f) Data source: Herberts and Malchau 2000.32
g) Age and sex standardised rates to the Scottish population, primary elective THR.
h) CCP code 93.5.
i) Age standardised rates to the 1986-specific racial population.
j) Age- and sex-standardised rates to the population structure of American white subjects in 1980.
k) Reference to all (hip, knee, other) arthroplasties.
* Total hip replacement procedures.
Norway1995–98110–12068% a)National registerHavelin, 199914
Iceland1992–96114*68%Records of all orthopaedic clinicsIngvarsson et al, 199915
England1995–9678 b)49%c) – 84%d)Hospital Episode System (NHS hospitals)Birrell et al, 199918
Australia1997–9872>90% e)National RegistryWilliamson, 19997
The Netherlands1994105SIG Zorginformatie (total population)Okhuijsen et al, 199817
Sweden1991–95108–12576% f)National registerHerberts and Malchau, 199716
Scotland (western part)1 Sep1991– 28
Feb 1993
67 g) (urban)
86 g) (rural)
86% (urban)
89% (rural)
Hospital records of all 16 hospitals in the western part of ScotlandDunsmuir et al, 199619
Canada1 Apr 1988– 31
Mar 1990
50* h)Canadian Hospital morbidity fileGentlemen et al, 199622
USA (San Francisco)1984–88White: 76* i)
Black: 35* i)
Hispanics: 13* i)
Asians: <17* i)
White: 66%
Black: 55%
Hispanics: 54%
Asians: <29%
Hospital records of the 17 hospitals within or near San FranciscoHoaglund et al, 199524
USA (Olmsted County, Minnesota)1987–9060 j)ca 75%Registry of theMayo Clinic, data of the Rochester Epidemiology ProjectMadhok et al, 199323
Denmark (South Jutland)1988–908286% (1981–1990)Hospital records of the two orthopaedic hospitals in South JutlandOvergaard et al, 199220
Finland19885871% k)National registerPaavolainen et al, 199121
USA (Maryland)1985–8759*Hospital discharges in MarylandGittelsohn et al, 199125