Table 1

IFNγ production by CD8+ T cells after etanercept treatment

IFNγ/TNFα positive CD8+ T cells (%)
Percentage of cytokine positive cells among the CD8+ T cell subpopulation upon in vitro stimulation with the overlapping peptides derived from the G1 domain of aggrecan: median (25th–75th centiles).
*p<0.05, compared with the value before treatment.
Etanercept group
    Before treatment0.13 (0.02–0.21)0.17 (0.03–0.46)
    After etanercept treatment (6 weeks)0.22 (0.06–0.29)*0.24 (0.04–0.49)
    After etanercept treatment (12 weeks)0.23 (0.04–0.37)*0.19 (0.04–0.3)
Placebo group
    Before treatment0.19 (0.05–0.35)0.14 (0.04–0.3)
    After placebo treatment (6 weeks)0.2 (0.03–0.38)0.18 (0.03–0.22)
    After etanercept treatment (6 weeks)0.25 (0.04–0.48)*0.23 (0.07–0.38)